Introducing MaxOne Glutathione Support

MaxOne glutathione support is the result of 25 years of research by Max International’s leading scientist Dr Herb Nagasawa

scientific research behind the riboceine moleculeIf you know anything about glutathione, you’d be aware it’s one of the most important anti-ageing discoveries we will witness in our lifetime.  And since this amazing compound already exists naturally within our bodies, it makes sense that the medical community have been scrambling to work out how to encourage the body to produce more of it, given that it decreases with age. Now that you’re reading this, you might even remember seeing glutathione supplements at your local health store. Before you get excited about dashing out to grab a bottle of these little miracle pills, you may as well know that they don’t work. Getting glutathione to reach the cells, is not a simple task. The compound is so fragile, that in supplement form it’s destroyed by the digestive system before it has a chance to reach the cells.

Max One is not a glutathione supplement!

While a whole industry has been created around glutathione supplements that don’t work, Doctors, scientists and the pharmaceutical industry have been feverishly working on formulating a product that does. Its only been recently, that scientists have discovered how to increase your bodies own production of glutathione by providing the body with the precursors it needs to make it naturally. MaxGXL, Max International’s flagship product, was an industry first in this category.

Powered by a new and exclusive technology, MaxOne is now able to help your cells produce glutathione on demand

Since we already know that glutathione supplements are rendered ineffective before they have a chance to reach the cells, providing the body with the building blocks to make it’s own made perfect sense. But there was still one problem. One of the most fragile (yet essential) of them all is Cysteine. This little gem needed like an eggshell around it to protect it all the way to the cells and that is exactly what the exclusive technology in MaxOne does.

So whilst you might not be able to stop the aging process, replenishing the cells with the most powerful anti aging building blocks on the planet goes a long way towards slowing it down. In the next post we’ll be introducing you to one of the greatest minds in medicinal chemistry, Dr Herb Nagasawa. Not only is he the incredible genius behind MaxOne glutathione, he was also the creator of the 3 minute Cyanide antidote for the US military. Now that is a scientific background to be reckoned with!

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