The Marketing Genius Behind The MaxOne Glutathione Accelerator

Dr Herb Nagasawa

If you’re looking to buy glutathione, make sure you check out the Maxone story below!

Max International founder Steven K ScottEven the greatest minds in medicinal chemistry realise their limitations when it comes to marketing. With their life’s work at stake, they were not going to let their profound formulations end up in the wrong hands. Rather than partnering with the pharmaceutical industry, they chose a company that was founded by some of the most successful marketing minds on the planet.

With the combined talents of Steven K Scott, Bill Guthy and Greg Renker, Max International has quickly become recognised as an industry leader in glutathione research. To say these men are gifted, is literally an understatement.

Steve after losing his job 9 times upon graduating from college, went on to co-found American Telecast and generate over 2 billion dollars in sales. Having personally assisted over 40 people to become millionaires in their own right along the way, his talent for bringing breakthrough products to market was hard to beat.

When Steve first caught wind of the incredible impact Dr Keller’s glutathione formula was having (back then only known by a code name), he immediately felt out of his depth. Yep one of the worlds most successful direct response television marketing entrepreneurs, thought the breakthrough in being able to effectively deliver glutathione to the cells was too big for him to handle alone. So he went out on a limb and approached his biggest competitors, Bill Guthy and Greg Renker of Guthy-Renker who own one of the largest direct marketing companies in the world. After having their own legal and medical team look into Dr Keller’s work, Bill and Greg became personal investors in Max International.

Realising the enormity of the task ahead, it wasn’t long before Steve Scott retired from his 32 years at American Telecast to devote his full attention to Max International and the development of cutting edge glutathione products.

Wait until you read about the incredible scientific research team behind MaxOne here!

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